Food Waste and Me

You have come to the perfect place to get some easy ideas on reducing food waste in your life!

Two introductions to the problem of food waste.

A First Look at Food Waste

An easy first look

Food waste is a massive problem of multiple dimensions – both domestically and across the globe—and it impacts both developed countries and developing countries.

Estimates of the level of food waste are staggering. Globally, a recent report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers estimates that 30-50% of all food produced (between 1.2 and 2 billion tons) is lost before being consumed by humans. Read more…

Food Waste in America—A Current Conundrum

A more in-depth first look

Picture this: You’re up early on a weekend morning at your favorite grocery store, looking to get a jump start on your weekend. Virtually the only person in the store a few minutes after six AM, you head back to the meat department to get the main course for a special meal that night. You immediately notice a store employee pulling multiple packs of high-grade meat off the shelves – ribs, filets, steaks and ground beef – and tossing them into a rolling cart. With a sinking feeling, you ask “Are you throwing all of that out?” “Yes,” he replies, “It’s past its sell-by date.” Stunned, you ask, “Don’t you donate any of that?” “No, we don’t do that, we don’t want anyone suing us,” he answers.Read more…

If you want to learn more… A data driven guide to business, government, funders and nonprofits to reduce food waste

NRDC White Paper How America is losing up to 40% of its food from farm to fork to landfill

EPA Guidelines and other material on reducing food waste from the EPA Why we waste food, why it matters and what we can do about it

USDA Report Why We Should Care About Food Loss

USDA Report Food Loss Information for Consumers

USDA Report The Estimated Amount, Value, and Calories of Postharvest Food Losses in the US (Business Oriented)

Garden Food Waste Recent report on the extent of food lost in America’s home and community gardens

National Geographic One-Third of Food Is Lost or Wasted: What Can Be Done

United Nations Report Global Food Losses and Food Waste (Gustavsson, et al.)

World Food Clock See how much food the world wastes every second.

End Food A fun look at “ugly” produce.

American Wasteland Best book available on the topic. By Jonathan Bloom. Note: When your use the link on the left to purchase “American Wasteland”, Amazon will make a contribution to


The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry | Save The Food | Ad Council Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal
The environmental impacts of food waste Gary Oppenheimer — TEDx talk on ending food waste in 42 million home/community gardens

What Can I Do?

We have a list of 9 calls to action you can do, from which we suggest that you pick 2 or 3 to start with.

If you are in a community where people have home or community gardens, we strongly urge you to choose Call to Action #1 – donating excess garden produce.

Please visit to find material to share with your spiritual leader. Urge them to give a food waste sermon along with thousands of other clergy across the nation.

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