Faith Fights Food Waste

We want to help faith leaders give sermons about food waste and its impact. Individuals can learn what their faith says about wasted food, and take steps to reduce it.

Food pantries in your house of worship can benefit from donations of excess food – especially locally grown fresh food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Houses of worship can explore how they as an organization might reduce food waste. Find out more about how you can make a positive impact on hunger and the environment!

40 percent of all food in America is never consumed

Faith Fights Food Waste addresses the complex, global issue of food waste and overconsumption, with tangible, local, and ‘spiritually cultivating’ practices that any faith community can undertake.  

Rev. Jacob Bolton of New York

America generates over 126 billion pounds of food waste per year

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for people of all faiths to actualize the biblical injunction to share the gleanings of our fields with those in need. Donating our food surplus, rather than throwing it away, reinforces the conservationist ethic that is a part of all religious traditions. I hope houses of worship of all faiths will participate.

Rabbi Joshua Ratner from Connecticut