I Am Hindu

Faith Fights Food Waste was originally created for faith leaders to give sermons on staggering amount of food that goes to waste.

We created this page for Hindus who are unable to hear a sermon at their temple*. This an an opportunity for you to learn what your faith says about food waste, read a sample sermon similar to those heard at temple and explore personal calls to action for you to consider.

*Similar pages exist for followers of other faiths.

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It’s Simple. Start Here

  1. Learn the waste of food.
  2. Read (or download) an example of a food waste sermon
  3. See all of the calls to action – chose those that will work in your household.
  4. Optionally download a food waste game show for kids
  5. Share with your friends and family
  6. Help your community
  7. Contribute to help us help your community and others across America.
  8. Award yourself a Faith Fights Food Waste certificate of participation – you earned it!