About Faith Fights Food Waste

Faith Fights Food Waste is an opportunity for clergy of all faiths to speak to their congregations about the waste of food in America, each from their own faith perspective.

Wasted food is a problem that starts at the farm & ends on our tables.

Food waste is the unfortunately poor term we use to discuss all of the edible and wholesome food that is never consumed. The waste of food is a problem that starts at the farm and ends on our tables. This is not rotting or unattractive food as the term suggests. Rather it is food that the farmer was unable to harvest, the grocery store chose not to sell, the excess food in your garden that has overwhelmed you, the supersized portions of food served in restaurants, the three-day old bread the market throws away when the next shipment comes in, and a lot more.

All faiths teach about caring for people & the planet you live in.

Food waste contributes to hunger and malnutrition, exacerbates diet related diseases such as Type II Diabetes and obesity, wastes energy, increases the waste stream and climate change, impacts your taxes, and can even impact national security. All because we have not been using the food we have. 70% of America’s food pantries are located in houses of worship, making faith leaders critical partners in helping get excess food to hungry families.

Ok. How does this all work?

Faith Fights Food Waste is for:

  • Members of the clergy to speak to their congregation about the problem of the waste of food – from their faith perspective
  • People of faith to learn about the waste of food from their own faith perspective – even if their clergy did not give the sermon or they were not able to attend a service when a food waste sermon was given.

We’re giving you everything you need to fight food waste.

Now that you are on FaithFightsFoodWaste.org, select your faith under “Resources and Sermons” above.  Clergy and people of faith have their own selections to chose from.

You can also read background information about the waste of food. We have two documents – one if you only want a light overview and another if you want more in depth information.  There are also several links to outside sources.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please go to the contact us page and let’s talk. America has the food it needs to feed the hungry.  All we need to do is use what we have.